1. Media rule of thumb: if you get up, turn on the news, and they say “today’s big story is the weather!” you are going to have a very lameass day.

  2. After years of reading blogs, comments, emails, and press releases from particularly vocal cycling enthusiasts, I am starting to wonder if Rob Anderson might not have had a point.

  3. Don’t Stop Believin’ in forced memes, Bay Area media.

  4. What?  A restaurant is opening, in the Mission, and it’s somehow linked to a tech VC firm?  BY ALL MEANS LET’S COVER IT INCESSANTLY.

  5. 11:57 15th Sep 2010

    Notes: 1

    OMFG twitter redesigned their website.  Seriously?  Seriously?

  6. Steampunk

  7. Remember when writers used to give readers good tips? Not ads? I miss that.

  8. Enough with the eggs.

  9. 17:45 19th Aug 2010

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    Anyone who bases their self-identity on their mode of transportation has terrible problems.

  10. "Traffic data has been hidden by the owner."

    So much for the transparency you bragged about a few months ago when you started, new media enterprise.